If you are restricting your calories or simply limiting what types of food you eat, there is likely one thing on your mind: when can I have my cheat meal?  This is when you get to have all of those tasty treats you have been dreaming about with every bite of chicken breast and broccoli.

Pizza, ice cream (my weakness), “caaaaake”, breads, and pasta.  For a moment you feel limitless- this is your reward for all your hard work, right?

There are several schools of thought regarding cheat meals, from the “dieters” prospective as well as from the nutritional source/“gurus” to help guide you.  There are also many questions.

  1. Will cheating slow my progress?
  2. How can cheating possibly help?
  3. What can I have, and how much?
  4. Will cheating make me weak or a failure?

At the end of the day it is simple; properly calculated cheat meals can be very beneficial by helping speed up your progress while leaving you feeling more in control and less restricted.  On the flip side, if done the wrong way, cheat meals could lead you into a tailspin out of control and in the wrong direction.

My goal is to give you a short but clear understanding of the whys, the do’s, and the don’ts of cheat meals. Read on to learn more!

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